Goal setting and management platform for healthcare rehabilitation


Members of your multi-disciplinary team can remotely access one data hub whenever or wherever they are

Use Best-Practice Methods

The gold standard goal setting processes are streamlined into one software system to facilitate better goal setting for you and your team

Measure Goal Progress

Generate meaningful outcome data on goal progress for your service users and your team

What people are saying...

I love Goal Manager. It is cost effective to clients and good value for money. I like to be able to see the goals progressing for the client.

[Goal Manager} provides the MDT with the ability to visualise the team's approach in a collective manner which in turn helps with feedback into the Instructing parties to increase their level of understanding for need and how this looks in improving the rehabilitation outcomes for the client.

[Goal Manager] coordinates joint goals from a team in and easy to read format, allows individual team members to add objectives, formulates data in pictorial format so that progress or deteriorating can be easily shown.

The Goal Manager team have been really responsive with assistance and help.

It is helping me reflect on goals already achieved and the timing of new goals with what other professionals are already working on to the benefit of the client.

It has helped focus the MDT Meetings and improved collaboration

How It Works

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