The ethos behind Goal Manager is that all patients, clients and service users should be afforded best-practice rehabilitation when they need it most, and that this is especially important whent it comes to goal setting. It is our mission to make sure the next generation of rehabilitation healthcare professionals are able to deliver this and feel confident that they have the tools for the job.

To support this, we offer Goal Manager completely free for use for education purposes. Through conversations with you as education providers and institutions, we aim to find out how you could best use our software to teach and practise gold-standard goal setting. We will assist you right through the process: from getting your students set up, providing consistent support on using the technology, and even offering free training workshops on the core goal setting processes used in rehabilitation. 

Case study

In April 2020, we started working with Governors State University, University Park, IL, USA. In the Neurotherapeutics II course for Physical Thearpists, conversations with Dr. Roberta O'Shea, PT, DPT, PhD and other course faculty led to using Goal Manager as a learning tool and potential future client data management system. After an introduction in the classroom using patient cases, the students will use Goal Manager while following real-time (live) clients in their clinical practicum. The data gathered will assist the student in writing their retrospective capstone projects.

We are grateful to Governors State University and Dr. O'Shea for including Goal Manager in their commitment to teach best practice techniques to the next generation of Physical Therapists.


Goal Manager has the capacity to be a comprehensive database of all aspects of rehabilitation, including change in functioning over time, goal achievement and multi-disciplinary activity. We welcome the use of this function free of charge for research institutions looking to develop the evidence base of rehabilitation healthcare. 

Currently in development is the Research Dashboard which will make  quantitative and qualitative data more accessible for these purposes. 

We welcome all enquiries about using Goal Manager for education and / or research purposes. We will look forward to hearing from you.